• Swedish girlfriend

  • In order to find a Swedish girlfriend https://www.dating.com/best-swedish-dating-websites/ , you need to have some kind of status. Be a famous musician, for example, or be a wealthy businessman, or some close to power at the state level. And you can do it all together. East European culture at the domestic level does not enjoy rabid success among Swedish women. Therefore, the chances of success in this group are minimal.

    Maybe one of the most important, it is to squeeze out a consumer attitude towards a woman and indifferent attitude towards children. Here daddies take leave to care for their newborn babies. Men help their wives in household chores. They do not hit themselves with their heels in the chest and do not shout that the man is the owner in the house. They discuss affairs and problems with their wife, and do not impose their decisions on them. They understand that the interests of the wife cannot be limited only to caring for the husband/children and housework.

    Children in Sweden are protected from fast food, which is why there are practically no full people here. To protect their delicate skin from nature (light skin is one of the most sensitive), Swedes try to consume a large amount of omega-3 and omega-6 acids, which are found in fish and seafood. The fish menu in the family diet here prevails over the meat one. The second mandatory component of the Swedish diet is berries: frost, blackberries and rosehips. They are used in the production of juices and even anti-aging liquors.

    Literally. After all, Swedes never bare. Naturally, they are not alien to universal fashion, for example, short shorts. But women always follow the golden rule of combining short with high or long.

    Mothers not only try to educate the taste of their daughters from childhood, but also give them freedom of expression, not limiting the choice of daily onions. The ability to express yourself is a very important aspect in the life of every Swede.